Friday, 10 October 2014

Key Points - Technology

Key Points -Technology: 
Concerning the research into technology as a key influence for design...

  • Technology has fully integrated itself into our modern lives. The more intuitive it is the more accepted it is. Due to that integration brands want/need a digital face in order to compete with one another. 
  • Technology can effect designers work in three ways: 1. The designer can make there work all about the technological knowledge they have, sum what limiting creativity. 2. Designers can use technology, through their skills or collaboration to enhance their work and bring their creative thinking to life. 3. Due to a lack of knowledge or fear, designers can reject technology and stick to traditional methods. (3 hold a conundrum, because even traditional methods use tools, this is still a form of technology just more accepted)
  • Technology cannot express creative thought or the thinking behind it (Yet). Therefore it is limited to being used as a tool that is programmed/used or, at best, to mimic creative thinking/doing.
  • Due to the exponential rate at which technology is advancing, the only limits it has is set by our own imagination. If we can imagine it, it is possible, it's just a matter of time and knowledge.
  • As technology changes so does our social attitude towards it and in order to have any longevity it has to first be accepted and then evolve alongside our thinking.

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