Monday, 27 October 2014

Collaborative Project Feedback

Feedback from initial presentation.

Well to be honest there was no specific feedback from the group or the tutors. It felt very rushed and didn't allow us the time we needed to gain feedback from the group.

There were some over arching comments:

Be more concise
Don't make sweeping statements
Prepare arguments for and against
Remember the time allocated

Etc etc.

But these were pointless due to the fact we had no idea whether they applied to the work we had already done. We were left second guessing the tutors.

I realise that this might be the point, playing devils advocate and being as vague as possible, means you have to go over your work again and question it.

So... we did that we met up and discussed the general points that were talked about. We came to the conclusion that the one we should focus on changing was the "for and against" point.

Christine mentioned she would like to create a debate between machines and people therefore covering both sides of the argument. We agreed this approach would be best used within prezi as a follow on from the presentation we already have.

A plan was set down for us to go away and do specific tasks... some would plan the debate outline, some would do illustrations to go alongside and some would take those element and form them into something cohesive, where each element and arguments worked well together.

After gathering research on this subject area, we met again today and went over our finding and figured out the conversation that would sit between the human and the computer.

The plan is to write this up and allow people to contribute to it tonight, then tomorrow we can come together and start illustrating and presenting the information...

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