Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pecha Kucha - Review

The Pecha Kucha was really beneficial for me it allowed me to define the area of research I am interested in exploring further. 

The Pecha Kucha focused on an imaginary word "reconvention" a word generated from reinvention and convention. The idea behind it was to use people predetermined ideas/ conventions and repurpose them to change the way we navigate around a digital space. The presentation focused on my research up to date, the thinking I've been exploring and the direction I'm heading. The final thought was that "I would need to make a small change to make a big difference". In being made to do this in a formal setting and having such a short space of time to focus on each slide, it allowed me to strip away the parts of the research that weren't going anywhere. It also drove my investigation into navigate to a new way. It lead me the question how do we navigate in the real world and how has that transfers online.

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