Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jamie Shovlin - Documentary Film Making/ Fakery

He shows a short film about a guy making a documentary. In it he fails miserably due to the process of trying to script an old guy.

Discusses a project where he collaborated with other people... Lustfsust project is a fiction band about five guys who are trying to make it. The film looks at the members not the music. Used an online space to create an idea of a band as well a creating characters to give a sense of what the band is. Then created band collateral, online archive, tickets, memorabilia, posters etc. the strange thing is that it generated a life of its own, people said they had seen them, then a group of guys actually started calling themselves lustfsust.

Talks about a horrow film he made called Hiker Meat.

Fictional objects convey a sense of being mislead, why do you not feel that way about a fictional book?

He creates a fake history, a fake sue do history. This gives a story a feeling of depth.

He pulled together research, collaborative research, started to generate a plot, dialog, sound track and to give the film a sense he did a montage of a number of old horror films.

The point of the project is not the end result but a study on how they got there and what shaped the film. Collaboration, contribution, research, process and least of all important an outcome.

Heavily influenced by America 1970 horror, liked the lack of the ability to recreate this in the Lake District. Apparently a lot of these types of horror film were filmed in Italy.

Gave me an idea to recreate website in a new way. Take existing website that follow the convention very closely but are boring and recreate them to add an element of design and conflict.

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