Monday, 29 September 2014

1st Day

It was great to actually find out what I'll be doing for the next year... Exciting!

Our tutor Clinton suggested making this blog to keep track of my scatter brain and also it might count towards study and the final MA. So... My plan is to write this blog everyday/ every other day to keep track of my studies. I'm realistic, I know that might change to every week at points but I have to make an effort to keep up with it as it's not only important but I think it will help me to stay on track

So anyway today, first thing  I thought was; 'I have to figure out what to do next?' I think the best idea will be to make a plan, structure my study and get an idea of how best to approach learning.
I do get ahead of myself though, even during my induction, as Clinton was talking, I was thinking about subjects for my major project. One of the things that came to mind was; the relationship between humans and the digital world and the disconnect from the real world. How that disconnect works, how to alter it so the digital world feels more real and vice versa? Also the flow of information and how people process it, both digitally and in reality? However, as Clinton said 'I shouldn't get to comfortable and I need to push my boundaries'. All well and good but I do need a job at the end of this. I think I'm going to have to tread a fine line between pleasing the tutors and being realistic about what will be helpful when searching for work.

After my induction, I went to speak with Pete McKenna, a lovely bloke, about auditing some BA lecture in HTML, CSS, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT etc. He was very helpful and said that I could attend the lectures, there on Mondays, from 12-1pm in E32, only problem is that they only start on January the 12th. He gave me some good advice though, to go on and do some excersises on there to get me started. He's right and I know how important this year is, not just to get the degree but also to learn the fundamental skills I need to get me into a web design job. Therefore, I've decided to dedicate one day a week for the foreseeable and dedicate it just to coding; learning skills, building sites and getting to a point where I am really well versed. I don't know whether one day a week will be enough so we'll see how much I'm retaining and if it has to go up to two then so be it. The important thing is that I am capable enough by April do it doesn't impact on my major project, but rather enhances it.

The importance of the workshop was pointed out to me with a tour from the 'techs'. The university has some amazing facilites and with me coming back to uni it's so clear that I have to make good use of them. I think it's going to be really important to try new methods and not just stick to designing behind a Mac. Obviously, I'm going to think about my end goal but if I don't get out of my comfort zone and try new things how am I meant to be a good designer. I have a one to one to discuss the inductions I want to take and I was thinking printing, typography and the digital suites. I have a feeling I will get to know the 'techs' very well over the next year.

The rest of the MA group was given a task to complete over the summer. The brief: a poster to best show who you are and why you have chosen to do an MA?

When I spoke to Clinton about it he mentioned a metaphor or a visual representation. I think I want to show how lost I've been over the last year and my path to 'enlightenment' so to speak (leaving my job and coming back to uni). I was thinking a visual maze or the Manchester trams, I'm not quite sure yet. I've had a long day so I'm going to tackle it fresh in the morning. I have tomorrow and Wednesday and due to time constraints I have to be realistic as to what is acheivable. It's not a marked piece but start as I mean to go on and put my all in for the next two days.

The most important thing 'keep it simple stupid'!

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